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Tim & Siobhan at HOF Northlew

Me & Him bought this place 9 years ago. Back then it was a pipe dream to have a gallery & holiday cottage in Devon and be happy with our lot. Of course we aimed a little bigger & a little higher.


We are very proud to share these two spaces

 Hof Hut & Hof Cottage 

 with others who appreciate the volume of blood, sweat and tears its possible to shed when you embark on a 'project'.

We are not architects or developers - just two people with a passion & vision (and a few DIY skills) to deliver the goal of fantastic stays with a very distinctive & creative flair.

The Gallery, is a continuation of the rural and rusticly creative touches- with uniquely curated pieces from Siobhán's parents, the local community and Siobhán's imagination.


Tim & Siobhán 

Siobhán - Your host

 I truly believe 'Booking Direct' is the future.

Why deal with a faceless large (usually US) Online Travel Agent/corporation, who has no concept of you as a guest, the local area, and the place you are wanting to stay and pay extra for the privilege?

I've spent the last few years being at the mercy of incompetent OTAs, paying commission (blood money) and thought, hell I can do a much better job without them! So here at Hof Northlew, we only deal with people directly- there is no middleman, so you won't find us anywhere else. We simply offer a proper, decent & memorable stay, with lots of little unique touches in a wonderful rural setting at a simpler price. Talking of price, we are unusual because....our prices stay the same throughout the year - we don't have ridiculous price hikes for high and low seasons, weekday or weekends.

Just one price throughout the year. Amazing eh? 

If there is enough notice, I can also create a keepsake or extra touch to help make the stay

even more special (please ask for more details when sending your reservation).


Northlew Gnomes
proposal gifts at Hof Northlew

Tim - Your walking host

Should you be booking a weekend stay either in the Hut or Cottage, why not join Tim in a guided walk somewhere on Dartmoor. The walks are normally about 5 miles or so and always involve exploring a Tor or two. You will usually be walking in a small group so it's also a perfect way to get to know the locals!


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